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© 2013 _ all rights reserved

© 2013 All rights reserved

One can describe Joana’s art using a myriad of concepts.
But, what translates it more accurately is Living Art.


Pulsating in colors, sparkles and endless forms and materials, Joana’s creative concepts integrate her life with unmistakably creativity, expressing the most necessary of the emotions:

her pure joie de vivre.

Born in São Paulo, Joana, still a girl, found herself enchanted

by the natural diversity of Bahia. Maybe that’s where her art created a direct link with the magic of our seductive country.

From there, Joan traveled throughout Brazil and the world, getting to know the lives and souls of people as multiple as her own art. An art that radiates a multicultural vision in universal ideas.

Uniting the Brazilian Baroque concepts with a contemporary

and timeless language, her works recycles, rethinks and rebuilds

a way of life that revitalizes every time you admire any of her pieces.

Sacred images, typical of the syncretic arsenal of Brazilian beliefs harmonize with fabrics, beads, sequins and wood in a Tupi hand-made elaborated with aesthetic alchemical elegance.

With a trained eye and a sensibility in tune with the spirit of our time, Joana starts from Bahia to the core of Brazilian life. She escapes the heart of our country to achieve the universal soul.

As a hub that connects extremes, her art goes beyond the poetic aura and extrapolates academic routines to transmute matter into joy and passion.

A treat that delights the senses and reminds us of childhood memories, turning any space into a sanctuary of happiness.

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